what we offer

From the day they arrived, our chickens were kept in a warm and secure environment until they were ready to go out to the coops. Our chickens are truly free range. Going out on their own during the day and coming back to sleep in their custom-made housing. Though quite a few like it outside even during snow storms. Our chickens are fed fresh veggies, fruits and whatever they find during the day.

We believe that happy and stress-free chickens will produce delicious eggs in abundance. Keep in mind that chickens generally decrease their egg production or shut down entirely in the winter months. Our ‘girls’ are happy and productive. The fresh farm eggs are fresher than what you will get at the local grocery store.  Don’t let those cheap store prices fool you, those eggs are months old and cannot hold a candle to the taste of what our girls produce.

we do not use chemicals, antibiotics, hormones or GMO products.

We are now certified egg producers by the State of Nevada.

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